William Inglis Hotel & Selling Yard

The William Inglis project was completed in February of 2018.

The stand out feature of the project was the Selling Yard roof which consisted of tapered Lysaght Longline 305, with the tapered sheeting ranging from 220mm taper getting down to as small as 145mm taper and the pop-up roof completed with custom made flashings fabricated to match the longline sheeting with a total install of 3000m2 of Longline 305.

The method and finished product of the tapered sheeting resulted in an apron flashing which was tediously cut to fit the profile of all the individual folds of the sheeting ensuring a good weather proof finish whilst also displaying some good workmanship and snip use.

The structure of the project was made of round tube steel with specific gutter brackets manufactured to follow the curves of the steel with the half round gutter required to be installed in sections to follow the curve, with all joints hidden behind the brackets to produce a seamless looking gutter.

The water drains off the roof through over 30+ fabricated downpipes with 20 of those in offsets and spreaders to distribute the water.

(Please note dust on roof throughout pictures is a result of continuous earth works throughout the project)

Client FDC Constructions & Fitout (NSW) Pty Ltd

Sector Commercial, Sport & Recreation

State NSW